The birth of an album


Quite some time ago, when I decided to develop a secret, derelict den in the beautiful Dordogne into an oasis of tranquality, I could never have imagined what unexpected, though pleasant, consequences there might occur.

After the original cave had more or less evolved into a primitive home, an annual gathering of friends soon was established. The organic result of an almost lifelong friendship initially fed throught the mutual love of music and musical adventures shared in the past.

Indeed, musical bonds survive through almost everything. And so it happened that the regular Dordogne meetups, consisting of fine food, sometimes mediocre wine, glorious hikes, tv-series binge watching and listening to all kinds of music, caused the spark that eventually resulted in what lies and spins before you.

The music came as natural and pure as it could. No rush, no fuss, no ego’s. Inspiration and fun ever present. My house, having changed from primitive quarters to a rather decent man cave, acting as a fine base for all kinds of pleasant activities in the Dordogne region.

Please bear in mind that we have neither obligations, nor pretences. In hindsight, our sole aspiration being another confirmation of our precious friendship.  We’d like to call this album a nice little present for ourselves. Please feel free to share in our happiness, before you know it, you’ll have twice as much.

Music by Leendert Korstanje, Jan Dubbe, Jurgen Houwers and Peter Schoemaker

All lyrics by Peter Schoemaker, Ingrid Mika and Jan Dubbe

Painting by Helga Verdoire, album design by  Martin van het Hart.

Recorded at The Cave, Dordogne, France and Lenny’s Luscious Laboratory, The Netherlands

Mixed by Leendert Korstanje and Peter Schoemaker

Erik Kempka Guitar Jimmy Ketchup mixing and mastering

Andreas Lebbing, who came second for Germany at the Eurovision Songcontest with the band "Wind" in 1987, performed background vocals on Jimmy Ketchup and was our executive producer. Mixing and fine tuning at Wolkenschloss Musikproduction Grenzland Tonstudios Bocholt Germany.

Synergie 1+1=3® production

Try-out summer 2016


We opened a local summerfestival in the woods of east Holland: 2 stages, 5 bands, roast and 4000 bottles of beer.



Enthusiastic comment from Andreas Lebbing on Facebook.

Thank you Andreas!

On the radio


First times are special...Xymphonia, Sunday 11 Juni 2017 Show No. 1253. On archive at