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Peter Schoemaker

Vocals, Gibson guitar, bass guitar, harmonica

Leendert Korstanje

Hammond organ, Minimoog, Fender-Rhodes and various keyboards

Jan Dubbe

Drums, cymbals, vocals & obscure background vocals

Jurgen Houwers

Electric violin
Proudly present our album LACAVE
Album Lacave


Utmost sincere thanks to Helga Verdoire for the wonderful watercolour painting covering both the album and the Dordogne moods we will thrive in forever.

And Martin van het Hart for the beautiful album design.


First times are special...

Xymphonia, Sunday 11 Juni 2017 Show No. 1253

On archive at

Facebook comment by Andreas Lebbing


Enthusiastic comment from Andreas Lebbing on Facebook

Try-out summer 2016


We opened a local summerfestival in the woods of east Holland: 2 stages, 5 bands, roast and 4000 bottles of beer.

Jan at try-out summer 2016
In the media

Vinyl Magazine Jos Heijmans:

"If you like guitarlicks like Steve Howe (YES), a Canterbury sauce (CAMEL, CARAVAN) and Neil Young-like vocals: then listen to Lacave"

The birth of an album


Quite some time ago, when I decided to develop a secret, derelict den in the beautiful Dordogne into an oasis of tranquality, I could never have imagined what unexpected, though pleasant, consequences there might occur.

After the original cave had more or less evolved into a primitive home, an annual gathering of friends soon was established. The organic result of an almost lifelong friendship initially fed throught the mutual love of music and musical adventures shared in the past.


Peter, Leendert & Jan

Symfozone on gl8 October 29th 2017.
Jos Heijmans declares Lacave "ALBUM OF THE WEEK"

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